Our Passion

Our Passion

Our Passion

We are passionate about health technology.

That’s why we develop novel solutions for the healthcare industry, going beyond ordinary health IT “services” and “products” because we see technology and bioinformatics as more than just ends in themselves.

We believe that people can lead better, healthier lives. Researchers can gain insights faster. Providers can be better supported with evidence-based guidelines, specialty expertise, and on-demand data.

Overall healthcare costs can be lowered through better care delivery and information.
What’s our passion?

It’s simple.

Our people understand the challenges of medicine and biomedical research.

We love the mission of applying smart technology with urgency to speed the understanding of unmet medical needs, especially for those living with, treating, and researching chronic or life-threatening diseases.

Carol Dweck, a psychology professor at Stanford University, remembers asking an undergraduate seminar recently, “How many of you are waiting to find your passion?”

“Almost all of them raised their hand and got dreamy looks in their eyes,” she told me. They talked about it “like a tidal wave would sweep over them.” Sploosh. Huzzah! It’s accounting!

Would they have unlimited motivation for their passion? They nodded solemnly.

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